Q. What equipment do I need?

All you need to do my workout videos are a jump rope, resistance bands, and dumbbells. You can do workouts WITHOUT the equipment, but they will get you bigger and faster results.

Q. What do the meal plans consist of?

My meal plans use low-carb recipes to help you reach your weight loss goals and allow for two cheat meals every week. I provide a basic meal plan, so if you have dietary restrictions involving things like meat or dairy, then you can make a healthy substitution in place of those ingredients.

Q. What happens during the Facebook Live calls? What if I miss it?

Coach calls are Sundays and Rapid Fire Q & A calls are on Wednesdays. Both happen at 6pm PST. If you miss a call, no worries! They’re saved to our page, and they’re super easy to find.

Q. What are the workouts like?

Our weekly workout schedule will consist of:

4 days of 18-24 minute HIIT workouts that you do along with me

1 day focused on a Strength/Endurance Challenge

1 day of Restorative Yoga

1 full Rest day

Q.Will it work for my schedule and lifestyle?

I guide you into creating changes and habits that work for YOU. You do your workouts the time that works best for you. You do your meal prep days the days that work best for you. I provide the template, and you get to customize it so it best serves your needs.

Q. What if I just had a baby/I’m new to working out/I have an injury/I don’t know if I can do it/I work 16 hour days/I’m tired/Life is hard?

My workouts are designed to be progressive. I show you modifications for moves so that you can do it the way that works best for your body and your current fitness level. If you have any specific concerns involving your health or body, bring those up with your doctor so you can get their input on how you can avoid injuries or issues for your specific condition.